Let Our Customers Tell
You What They Think

City of Smyer

23 May, 2013

Smyer, TX

I purchase from O’Tool because they're knowledgeable about products, they have them in stock and they are always helpful. I know I can count them for service and reliability.

— Jaime Torres

Crop Production Services-Slaton

15 January, 2016

My name is Scott Hallman and I am currently the Manager at Crop Production Services in Slaton Texas. I wanted to let people know that it is a great enjoyment dealing with Richard Perez and the rest of the guys at O’Tool Industries. I’ve been dealing with them for the past few years and have been taken care of with courtesy and promptly every time. 

— Scott Hallman

Diamond Ethanol

10 February, 2017

Levelland, TX

During the construction of our new Feed Manufacturing site at Diamond Nutrition, the staff at your company worked tirelessly in their efforts to facilitate all of our needs in a very timely manner. The staff worked hard to get the supplies and fittings needed to stay ahead of construction teams and design changes every opportunity they got. Their ability to supply what I asked for and their knowledge of service and suggestions was unmatched. As Diamond Nutrition grows and expands to a world market I look forward to their company to supplying us with both knowledge and Materials that fit any of our future endeavors.

— Donovan Smith


6 March, 2017

Wilson, TX

Recently we installed approximately 300 acres of drip irrigation on a family farm.  Much of the material requirements for the system was provided by O’Tool.  O’Tool provided knowledgeable assistance throughout the procurement process and the materials were delivered as required and on time.

— Jay Meador

Dynamic Foods

16 February, 2015

Lubbock, TX

I am currently the Parts Buyer for the Maintenance Department over at Dynamic Foods. I purchase from O’ Tool because their employees are so helpful and so friendly and they usually have what we need in stock. I love using O’ Tool as a vendor and enjoy doing business with them and I would recommend their company to anyone. (I also love the big bag of free candy).

— Dolores Aguirre

Llano/Praters Foods

16 February, 2015

Lubbock, TX

I, Rita Vasquez, would like to make it known that we as the company, Prater's Food, in Lubbock Texas appreciate all of O'Tool as a company. Beginning with the employee's, their knowledge and care, the products and availability. The promptness we received from them. My contact is Richard Perez and yet Pat and Mark are very helpful too.

I am writing this to thank you for having very helpful employees and items that we need to run our company efficiently.



— Rita Vasquez