Miscellaneous : MetersView Category

We carry brass water meters in various sizes and styles.

Cement, Tape and More

Miscellaneous : Cement, Tape and MoreView Category

We carry solvent, primer and pipe lubricant along with brushes, daubers and teflon tape. O'Tool can not ship PVC Solvent or Primer, these items will have to be picked up at O'Tool or delivered to the job site along with other materials for the job.

Saws & Blades

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We carry saws and their replacement blades.

Electrical Wire

Miscellaneous : Electrical WireView Category

Our electrical wire is mostly for irrigation applications, but can also be used as a tracer wire. Tracer wire is used for underground pipe detection. As a general rule, the higher the gauge, the smaller the wire.


Miscellaneous : MarkingView Category

Marker flags are used to mark underground lines, utilities, newly planted crops, etc.




Miscellaneous : FiltersView Category

Filters are used to extract an undesired substance from a fluid.


Miscellaneous : InsulationView Category

We carry various pipe products such as insulation and anti-freeze kits.


Miscellaneous : GasketsView Category

We carry many types of Gaskets to fit your job.

Nuts, Bolts and More

Miscellaneous : Nuts, Bolts and MoreView Category

We carry nuts, bolts and many other accessories in various sizes and styles.


Miscellaneous : ClampsView Category

We carry clamps in various sizes and styles.


Miscellaneous : ToolsView Category

Miscellaneous items include irrigation products, solvent & primer along with daubers and brushes. Also marking tape and marking paint and Teflon tape along with pipe dope, flags, pipe insulation and tools. O'Tool can not ship PVC Solvent or Primer, these items will have to be picked up at O'Tool or delivered to the job site along with other materials for the job.

King Drain

Miscellaneous : King Drain

All King Drains can be installed with or without a gravel sump.  For small diameter shorter lines, a sump is not required.  Larger and longer lines will drain more efficiently with a gravel sump.

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King Drain   

Dry Splices

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Dry-Spices are normally used in low voltage irrigation systems to connect the section valves to the controller wire.  They have a small copper piece to crimp the wires together for underground use.  By filling up the small cap with sealant, it creates a dry seal that is waterproof when pushed into the body.

Draw Bands

Miscellaneous : Draw Bands

Draw Bands are round metal bands that are used to secure agricultural pipe fittings.

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10" Draw Bands   
12" Draw Bands   
15" Draw Bands   
4" Draw Bands   
6" Draw Bands   
8" Draw Bands   

Pipe Hangers

Miscellaneous : Pipe HangersView Category

A pipe hanger is a pipe attachment providing adjustment, consisting of a clevis type top bolted to a formed steel bottom strap. They are recommended for the suspension of non-insulated, stationary pipe lines.


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