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The NIBCO® brass ball valve with threaded end connections provides bubble-tight shutoff. The valve’s PTFE seats and hard chrome-plated brass ball exhibit high chemical resistance properties. The valve is ideal for hot/cold water and gas applications. CWP stands for Cold Working Pressure, and is an indication of the pressure rating for piping, valves, and fittings at a temperature range of -20 to +100F.

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1/4" Brass Ball Valve   
3/8" Brass Ball Valve   
1/2" Brass Ball Valve   
3/4" Brass Ball Valve   
1" Brass Ball Valve   
1-1/4" Brass Ball Valve   
1-1/2" Brass Ball Valve   
2" Brass Ball Valve   
2-1/2 Brass Ball Valve   
3" Brass Ball Valve   

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Sweat Brass

Brass : Sweat Brass

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1/2" SWT Ball Valve Brass   
3/4" SWT Ball Valve Brass   
1" SWT Ball Valve Brass   
1-1/4" SWT Ball Valve Brass   
1-1/2" SWT Ball Valve Brass   
2" SWT Ball Valve Brass   
2-1/2" SWT Ball Valve Brass   


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